Workplace injuries happen. Even with all the proper safety precautions in place, injuries still occur. Workplace injuries can be disturbing for all employees, particularly if the victim doesn’t receive treatment promptly. While freak accidents are rare, it’s dangerous to assume it won’t happen at your workplace. You need to have a plan in case an injury does happen, as having one will bring you and your employees the peace of mind needed to feel safe.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that around 3 million people suffered a nonfatal workplace injury in 2014, in addition to over 4,000 workplace fatalities. For the employers of Fulton County, American Family Care should be their first choice for any workplace injury. Our board-certified physicians have the urgent care experience to diagnose and treat a range of non-emergency-injuries. With an on-site lab equipped with an x-ray machine, we can diagnose bone breaks, in addition to sprains and fractures. For any illnesses, we provide blood work to test for a range of diseases.

We accept most major insurances, making us a convenient and affordable option for the vast majority of companies. Our staff has assisted many of Fulton County’s top employers with workers’ compenstion, guaranteeing us to be a valuable asset throughout the workers’ compensation process.

To take advantage of our services, visit us any day of the week anytime during business hours – no appointment necessary! To speak with one of our medical professionals call us at 678-205-8155.