Travel Medicine & Vaccinations in Alpharetta, GA

Whether for business, study, or vacation, our goal at American Family Care is to keep you safe and healthy while traveling abroad.  Our physicians and medical staff are trained to provide comprehensive, destination-specific medical information, immunizations, medications and other health care needs to help prevent travel-related illness or disease.

American Family Care is a one stop destination for all your travel medicine needs.  Travelers should always be prepared prior to traveling abroad; and that includes addressing all health considerations.  Certain vaccines are required for those traveling abroad depending on the countries being visited.   A consultation with one of our board-certified physicians can help prepare you and let you know exactly what you will need before you travel.  We administer all vaccines in our center.  We can also help to prepare you for any health issues you may encounter while traveling.

Although we recommend that patients consult with a physician at least a month before they travel abroad, we are here to assist those last minute travelers as well.  Our walk-in center is open extended evening and weekend hours for your traveling convenience.  Call us at 678-205-8155 or visit us at American Family Care in Milton GA today.  You don’t need an appointment, just walk-in and we have you covered.