How American Family Care in Alpharetta, GA is Unlike Your Local Generic Urgent Care Center

Exterior For Top-quality Urgent Care in Alpharetta, GAAs more and more urgent care centers sprout up throughout the nation, the American people remain somewhat skeptical and uneducated regarding what urgent care represents. For many, urgent care describes generic, run-down, hole-in-the-wall type places where the providers only care about cashing in on their patients. But at American Family Care in Alpharetta, GA, this couldn’t be any further from the truth.

When our walk-in urgent care center opened, we set out to become the most reliable, affordable and accessible walk-in urgent care center in Milton and Alpharetta, GA. Our original goal was to transcend the urgent care label by becoming a valuable asset to the Alpharetta, GA. Now, today – we believe we have become that go-to medical resource to Alpharetta and its surrounding communities.

What differentiates us from the rest is our amazing staff, low costs, ER-quality providers, limited wait times and extensive hours of operation.

Does Your Urgent Care Center Break the Bank?

Often, urgent care centers will hit patients with ludicrous charges that weren’t originally disclosed. Many times, urgent care centers will use third-party resources to meet your medical needs, which will result in charges from these third-party vendors. Patients can then incur bills even more lofty than what they would receive if they just went to the ER.

Thankfully, American Family Care accepts most insurances and even provides affordable self-pay options for patients either without insurance, or choosing not to use their insurances (high-deductible, etc…) As a result, most of our patients end up paying a fraction (around 1/5th) the cost of an ER – all the while saving hours of their time they would have spent waiting at the ER.

Is Your Urgent Care Center Too Limited?

Many times, patients will visit an urgent care center only to be told they need to visit a specialist or the emergency room. Of course, we can’t treat every medical condition at American Family Care (for life-threatening emergencies, please visit the ER), we do offer an extensive range of services that many would think they could only receive at the ER.

Our services include:

Does Your Urgent Care Center Take Too Long?

One of the biggest complaints people have about urgent care is that it often takes too long to get in-and-out the door. As a walk-in clinic, wait times always differ here at American Family Care. We cannot anticipate how long each patient’s wait may be, as there could be 15 people to walk into the center at any moment, causing a longer wait for each patient.

However, unlike other urgent care centers, our center is always adequately staffed by a team that is always comprised of at least one board-certified physician in the building at all times. In most cases, our center will get you in-and-out the door in under an hour, as our team has optimized the urgent care process to help our patients experience the highest-quality urgent care while receiving the fastest care possible.

For more information about our urgent care center, check out our blog or call us at 678-205-8155. To access our urgent care, visit us in Alpharetta any day of the week! We look forward to being your go-to destination for walk-in medical care!