fresh fruitsThe Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics recognizes March as National Nutrition Month each year. This initiative strives to illuminate how essential it is to eat healthily and to refrain from bad eating habits, as well as live an active and health-conscious lifestyle.

Having National Nutrition Month in March makes sense, seeing as winter is just about at an end, and by now, many have, unfortunately, abandoned their New Years resolutions. While some may blame the poor weather outside, with spring on the horizon, there are no excuses for the road ahead. With the beginning of spring comes more accessible local foods to enjoy and nicer weather to exercise outdoors.

If you are one of the many who has left their resolution behind, let National Nutrition Month mark your fresh start. Here are 4 ways to keep your health in check:

  1. Hydrate: Drinking water isn’t just good for making sure you don’t get dehydrated. Drinking water helps speed up your metabolism, which leads to a slimmer, healthier and happier you. Water also helps prevent cramps, speed up your recovery process (muscle soreness, etc…) and alleviate headaches.
  2. Exercise: Working out is a major part of the overall equation that leads to living a long, happy and healthy life. Exercising releases endorphins, which releases serotonin, which provides you with a healthy feeling of euphoria. This is proven to help with depression and anxiety. The more you workout, the more you will notice a heightened level of energy, which will increase your productivity at work or school
  3. Change Your Diet: Foods to avoid include frozen foods, red meat and fast food. While it’s OK to occasionally cheat, it’s best to stick to the perimeter at the grocery store, as this is where you will find the fresh fruits, vegetables, produce and seafood (Omega-3 Fatty Acids found in salmon = “superfood”).
  4. Be Mindful of Your Eating Habits: Changing your diet is just step in achieving a more nutritious eating regiment. Try to avoid eating late at night, eating too much and not eating enough. While some may think skipping breakfast is a wise way to shed some weight, it actually slows down your metabolism and is overall detrimental to any healthy weight loss plans.

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics even recommends that you cook more at home. This will force you to buy fresh ingredients and be mindful of the ingredients that go into your food. When you look on the nutritional information on store bought foods, most times you won’t even know what half of the ingredients are. By cooking on your own, you’ll know exactly what goes in your body.

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