shutterstock_557001508 (1)Every June, we celebrate Father’s Day on the third Sunday. During this time, we celebrate the contributions of our fathers. It’s also important that we take the time to examine our father’s health. For this reason, June is also Men’s Health Month.

On average, men live approximately five years less than women. While men are considerably more vulnerable than women to a number of conditions, women also visit their primary care physician two times more on average. By visiting a primary care provider regularly, you’re allowing your physician to possibly detect an illness in its early stages.

This Men’s Health Month, encourage the men in your life to schedule an appointment with their healthcare provider. Check out the below health tips here:

  • For American men over 20, 34.5% are obese
  • For American men over 20, 32.6% have hypertension
  • Men suffer from hearing loss two times more than women
  • Men suffer from depression more than women and commit suicide four times more
  • In the 1920’s women lived just one year longer than men on average, as opposed to five years longer nowadays
  • Men live an average of 76.4 years on average, while women live 81.2 years on average in the U.S.

This Men’s Health Month, remember our center is open seven days a week on a walk-in basis. For more information, call us at 678-205-8155. We look forward to helping your family this summer.